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RayZooMay provides a new composite of resume preparation services to area customers who are shifting industries from once-secure automotive professions to the cinema entertainment industry.

Michigan employees and employers have long relied on two specific classes of resume, which each highlighted two particular main selling points in a prospective employee: As classed by the Michigan Works! Talent Bank web resource, a resume can be built to highlight an individual's consistent employment history and experience in a chosen field (a Chronology or Chronological Resume) or it can alternatively be built to reflect specific skills in the process of seeking employment in a new field (a Functional Resume).

RayZooMay provides you with the ability to create a Functional Resume tailored specifically to the Performing Arts, a class of resume not formatted at Michworks. Until 2008 when the Michigan Film Office was established, Michigan had no incentives for employers in the Performing Arts except MCAC Grants from the Department of History, Arts and Libraries, which has been eliminated for 2010. Between these two points it's unlikely that a service like this is forthcoming from the government. As we all know, the only way to reach anyone seeking workers within the Metro Area is with the correct form of resume. At present, resume composition skills even in Michigan Public Schools is still taught with the two existing methods.

Broadcast News Analyst
Radio and Television Announcer

These careers all involve a completely different resume building process.
Did you know that?

Further, Performance Arts resumes in the industry follow a very strict set of guidelines, and the internet has made sudden and clear progress, but in changing only very few of the least-guarded aspects of this. Why make mistakes? For your resume, as they say in the movies, let's cut to the chase.

As part of the service, offers - free- Performance Arts tailored resume composition and listing just like Michworks' job bank except it is sensitive to the needs of artists and performers working in a blossoming Film Production industry.

A cost-minimizing system of producing durable print resumes for the Performing Arts with guaranteed personal attention is the backbone of RayZooMay. Sensibly engineered improvements over the industry standard resume and low cost will be standard fare with the products, and innovation in quality and turnaround versus operating cost and client volume and satisfaction will dictate pricing. RayZooMay aims to field concepts for processing clients and the product they purchase, within a very narrow and precisely tuned range of ultimate cost and utility. This is a viable solution for people seeking a start at moving from within the Automotive sector and taking aim at film industry.

RayZooMay is currently scouting Pontiac, Ann Arbor, and cities in Macomb County Michigan for permanent business location. Formatting and composition services will be offered at these locations along with photography and resume reproduction. Via RayZooMay, clients will obtain a mix of industry-compliant products and personal service. At the heart, the service itself is made accessible to the masses while providing assured quality.

RayZooMay uses the internet as a promotion of Michigan talent and not as a requirement for participation.

*Resumes - 20 pcs Functional Performing
Arts headshot with print on back. Color and
B/W same price. Includes DTP and
*Comp Cards - 20 pcs Color double sided
Composite. 9x12 with vitals and contact
info. Color and B/W same price.
Package includes all photography, standard
session is up to four hours on-set including
*Calling card set - 100 pcs Silk-screened
one color standard size, blank on the back.
100 pcs Laser full color standard size, blank
on the back.
*1 pc ZooM DVD, personalized silkscreen,
Content may vary:
Native Menu for Slideshow, Reels and
Audio, Interview and publications Slideshow
- animated comp card, Reels and Audio -
Clips from airchecks, prepared press kits,
and voiceovers with photo overlay.
Interviews - two minutes spotlight: Candid -
one minute unscripted
Demo - one minute scripted or in-character
Video Bio (optional) - add ‘family video’
content and voiceover.
Resume in PDF format.
News clippings in animated presentation
All DVD compilations also rendered ondisc
in web format WMV, FLV, SWF with
menus, and QuickTime, and stills in JPG,
and menued on the disk.
$100 Session, photography, editing,
mastering and license (includes nonrefundable
$25 reservation deposit)
$15 Card set plus MI sales tax
$15 Resume'/Comp Card plus MI sales tax
$19 ZooM DVD plus MI sales tax
$149 Base Total +$69 optional Video Bio
$2.94 Michigan State Sales tax
refill 100pcs Card set:$15 plus MI sales tax
refill 20 pcs Resume'/Comp Card $15plus
MI sales tax (volume discounts available)
copy 1pc DVD $19 plus MI sales tax
Update DVD - $19 plus MI sales tax. Burn
new DVD with new Resume PDFs and
reels as needed. Recommended annually
at most frequent. Alterations within one
year are ‘Re-edits’. Please note that
resume materials should be updated
annually except for subjects under 16.
Subjects under 16 ask for discount
photography rates or 'use-your-own'
photos. Update under-16 photos should be
updated twice to three times annually. Reedits
(update within one year) add
$49 Coming soon: Video Bio $69 -
Professional voiceover on stock family
video. HALF OFF for ZooM DVDs.
This price list good through October 1 2009.
May change without warning thereafter.
Ask about group sessions and discounts for
organizations. Zone PONTIAC MICHIGAN
M Andaluz, proprietor
©RayZooMay, Pontiac Michigan USA

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