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"If you go to Hollywood, you've already sold out. By the sheer act of going there, you're saying 'I need to go there because this is the only way I can get my movie made.' Baloney! Indiana's the place to make your movie. Pontiac, Michigan. Whatever. Then you're just making it on the merits of the movie."

~BRUCE CAMPBELL , Author of 'If Chins could Kill'


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We offer Performing Arts Style promotion materials such as resume service, video profile and reels compilation, talent networking and a free worksheet online for people who need to break into the business!

RayZooMay.Net is a very small part of our business here in Pontiac right now. The web presence is free and sponsored by several companies - but RayZooMay in turn proudly recommends local events and businesses like the ones you see here:

Hamtramck Idea Men Kennedy's Irish Pub  

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RayZooMay produces promotional material for freelance artists, performers and other talent. Online profiles can change without notice at the request of our participants, or in accordance with applicable laws.

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