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Midwest 3-Minute Film Festival

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An Animation film is a rapid display of a sequence of images that creates an illusion of movement. This process can be represented with drawings, computer created images, models, clay, cutouts, puppets, still photographs, pixilation or any other inventive nugget of gold your brain can produce.


A film of any style and filmmaking technique including; animation, live action filming or a blend of both. The film does not include any dialogue (other than lyrics) and must represent a complete musical piece from beginning to end, no song portions.


A visual representation of a complete poem from beginning to end, typically accompanied by a voice overlay of the poet if the poet is not a visual subject. This can be accomplished through any style of filmmaking.


A documentary should focus on non-fictional persons, places or things, and shed light on an aspect of reality.


A film that is light, humorous or satirical in tone. A comedic film will usually contain a happy resolution of the thematic conflict. This can be achieved through any style of filmmaking including animation or live action filming.


A drama entry should include realistic characters dealing with emotional themes and life situations. Many genres can be characterized under the Drama category, including but not limited to: romance, melodrama, monodrama and epic films.

The MidWest 3-Minute Film Festival was created to provide a venue for filmmakers who may not have the budget, time or resources to develop a 12-15 minute short or feature length film. And for those who simply enjoy the 3-Minute Challenge! Students, Amateurs and Professionals alike can express their unique viewpoints and artistic creativity by developing a 3-Minute short (very short) film!
The top 25 films will be screened at the Civic Theatre in Farmington, MI on OCT. 3, 2009.
Cash prizes will be given to the "Best Film", "Audience Choice" and the "1st Place" winners of each category. Categories include:
Misc includes Experimental, Horror, Science-Fiction, Action, Western, Sports ... or anything your twisted little head can think of. Because the MISC category includes several genres, "Honorable Mention" will be made for the best of each sub-genre. If a certain genre, currently under Misc (like Horror or Science-Fiction, for example) makes up 6% or more of the submissions; that genre will be bumped up into its own category.
Submissions are now being accepted. The deadline for entries is September 5th.
To learn more about submitting your film or get your tickets to the screening visit:
David Hande (OTHER) ; David Hande (OTHER)
Prizes for "Best Film", "Audience Choice" and the "1st Place" for each Category!
Who Can Enter a Film? The MidWest 3-Minute Film Festival is open to everyone! Adults, students, professionals or amateurs! Although there is no minimum age requirement on submitting a film, you must be at least 17 years old to purchase tickets to the screening.
How Do I Submit my Film? Entry forms can be downloaded from or you may contact to request the form. The completed form, DVD copy of the finished screening version of your film and the $10 submission fee should be sent to:
MidWest 3-Minute
P.O. Box 532346
Livonia, MI 48153
What is the Deadline for Entries? All submissions must be mailed (postmarked) by September 5th, 2009.
How Many Films Can I Enter Into the Festival? You may enter as many films as you’d like. The submission fee is $10 per film.
What If My Film was Screened at another Festival? We accept all film submissions regardless of prior contest or festival participation.
However, you may not submit the same film to the MidWest 3-Minute Film Festival more than once.
What Film Format is Accepted? You can shoot on handycam, camera phone, film, digital camera ... any wacky method you see fit, as long as the final product is sent to us on Region 1 DVD.
Does the Film Have to Be 3-Minutes Long? The finished film can be anywhere between the minimum of 15 seconds and maximum of 3 minutes in length (including titles and credits).
Does the 3-Minute Maximum include titles and credits? Yes.
What if My Film is Longer than 3-Minutes? Any entry that exceeds the 3-Minute maximum time limit will be disqualified.
How do I get my Film transferred to DVD? Most video photography and media shops offer this service. Contact your local store for details.
Who will Judge the Films? The festival jury consists of art and film industry professionals. This jury will select the top 25 films to be screened at the festival. This jury will also determine the winners, who will be announced after the final screening. The exception to this, of course, is the Audience Choice award - which is voted on by the festival audience!
What are the Prizes? The lucky winners will be presented cash awards for the following: Best Film $250, Audience Choice $150, and First Place in each Category $50. In addition, the winners will have shameless bragging rights!
What are the Film Categories? Categories include: Animation, Music, Poetry, Documentary, Comedy, Drama and Misc. You may classify your film according to the descriptions given on the entry form, however the panel reserves the right to assign your film to the category they see fit for the screening.
How Much are Tickets to the Screening? Pre-Sale tickets through the website are $5 each. Tickets at the door are $7 each. It is highly recommended you purchase pre-sale tickets in case the screening sells out. You must be at least 17 years old to purchase tickets to the screening.
When & Where is the Screening? October 3, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. at the Civic Theatre in downtown Farmington, MI. (see the theatre website for directions: www.farmingtoncivictheatre.ORG)
What is the Dress Code for the Screening? Come as you are!


The filmmaker authorizes that they have full ownership of the entire content of the film, or all legally equivalent rights necessary. They grant permission to the MidWest 3-Minute Festival to use the entry in whole or in part for the purpose of promoting the Film Festival in poster, plasma or website display, including the rights to post the film online after the festival on October 3, 2009. They grant the MidWest 3-Minute Film Festival rights to screen the entry in whole or in part at the Film Festival on October 3, 2009. The MidWest 3-Minute Festival will not be held liable for any copyright infringements related to the film.

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