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Sept 26, 2009 – Hamtramck Public Library

The Amazing Cynicalman, a filmic adaptation of Matt Feazell's  long-running comic strip character, Cynicalman, will be filming next 
spring. We are now looking for actors to fill out the cast...there are still a few key roles that need to be filled, as well as many secondary 
roles, bit parts and extras.


Compensation for key roles is based on a back-end points system TBD, and
will likely range from nothing to very little. Compensation for  secondary and extras is film credit.
Come out and meet us and bring your talented friends.
Also, anyone interested in any aspect of filming may come.
Aaron Trudgeon, Producer


Coming—Summer 2010
The Amazing Cynicalman movie, currently in production, is an all-ages family feature; a screwball comedy with a hero, a villain, a boy, a girl... and zombies. And it’s 100% made in Michigan, USA.
Based on the long-running and award-winning Cynicalman comic strip by Matt Feazell, the story follows John Q. Cynicle on his first day on the job at the Board of Superheros™ as he finds his place on the team, meets a strangely fascinating girl and gets mixed up in a dastardly plot to conquer the world with an army of zombies.

John Q. Cynicle
A recent college grad in his late twenties, looking for a good job and a place of his own. Instead he finds a room at Mom & Dad’s Boarding House and a temp job at the Board of Superheros™. When Professor Quidley gives him a spare superhero helmet and a pair of blue sweat pants, he becomes The Amazing Cynicalman.
Played by:Jim Mackey

Edie Haskell
A smart and short-tempered redhead in her late twenties. She’s the receptionist at the Board of Superheros™ on assignment from the Acme Temp Agency, and she simply can’t STAND superheroes.
Played by:Andrea Salamon

Lizard Girl
Part lizard, part human. Everybody at the Board of Superheros™ ignores her and that’s the way she likes it... til she has to share a cubicle with Cynicalman.
Played by:Suzanne Baumann

Spud & Ernie
Two teenagers who are always either in trouble or looking for some. They are convinced that Cynicalman is a real superhero, despite all evidence to the contrary.
Spud:Noah McMullen

Andy Social
Sullen, bad-tempered and vindictive former classmate of John Q. Cynicle. When he gains super powers in a freak accident, he sets out to wreak his vengeance on the world as Antisocialman, the most obnoxious man alive.

Dr. Pweent
Wacked-out mad scientist and millionaire industrialist with a plan for world domination and a machine that makes zombies!
Played by:Michael Marcus

Mr. Know-It-All
The Smartest Man Alive... as he’s sure to tell you.

Captain Videotape
He’s determined to get the perfect shot, no matter how many times you have to re-enact it.

The Board of Superheros™
A local government regulatory board staffed by people who might be former super-heroes... or think they are superheroes... or wish they were superheroes... sort of like if your high school teachers formed a superhero team.
Played by:Sean Bieri

Lone Shark
Man of Mystery... and many guns.
The Amazing Cynicalman and the distinctive likeness thereof is trademark™ and copyright © Matt Feazell, 2009. World rights reserved. www.cynicalman.com
The head man of the Board of Superheros™. He may be just a wooden board but he’s got his own office.
Professor Quidley
The friendly, scatter-brained inventor in charge of the Secret Weapons Lab at the Board of Superheros™.
Played by: Aaron Trudgeon

Psycho Woman
The original Goth Girl. But don’t worry, she won’t bite. Much.
Played by: Michelangelo Cicerone

The interviewer at the Acme Temp Agency who sends John Q. Cynicle out on his fateful first assignment at the Board of Superheros™.
Played by:Harry Schnurr

Wise old philosopher and crazy street person. The original cynic. Athens, 323 BC.

Athos & Zenos
A couple of swarthy Greek fishermen on the sun drenched isle of Kyneekles.

Tour Guide
Seen leading a group of tourists through the halls of the PweentCo incinerator. Next stop, the bubbling sludge pits.

Little Old Lady
Her house in Hamtramck looks like a corner store... because it used to be one.

Girl with a clipboard
A community activist collecting signatures to shut down Dr. Pweent’s incinerator.

College Buddies 1&2
Party animals with bad career advice.

College Buddy 2
College Buddy 1


You can’t make a movie without lots of EXTRAS! Plenty of juicy non-speaking roles are still available:
Protesters (5+) - Hippies, Gen X’ers and community activists
Bystanders (5+) - Typical Hamtramck faces
Tour Group (5+) - Out-of-towners in Hawaiian shirts, straw hats and bermuda shorts
Retail Customer - Seen in Cynicle’s job flashbacks
Walk-on Secretary at Acme Temps
Paramedics (2)
Little Girl with a cat stuck in a tree
Lady on a Porch with a box of kittens
Car Thief
Waving Woman (Re: Thief)
Homeowner with a porch full of unwanted, unread newsprint flyers
Porch Ad Distributor with a canvas bag full of incriminating flyers
Female Cheerleaders (3+)
Furnace Room Worker shoveling recall petitions with a pitchfork
Homeowner with a broken sidewalk
And we’re going to need lots and lots of ZOMBIES!
Zombie Gatekeeper - Dressed as a security guard
Lab Zombie - Shambling around the lab at Dr. Pweent’s secret hideout
Street Zombies (20+) - Hordes of undead threatening the citizenry of Hamtramck
Newsanchor Zombies - One male, one female... dressed in tattered suits and sitting at a local TV news desk
Weather Zombie
Zombie Mom
with a Zombie Baby in a stroller
Zombie Rock Band - is this a great movie or what!?


Matt Feazell is a freelance graphic artist living in Hamtramck, Michigan,
and has been self-publishing the minicomic adventures of Cynicalman, “America’s Laid-Off Superhero,” since the early 80s. His work has appeared in Scott McCloud’s ZOT!, DC Comics, Nickleodeon Magazine and Disney Adventures. His weekly newspaper comic, “The Amazing Cynicalman,” runs in the Hamtramck Review and is available in a paperback collection.
His film credits include acting parts in Hamtragic and After The Blood Rush along with writing and directing The Hungarian Student for NoFunFilms.
feazell038@comcast.net • www.cynicalman.com
NoFunFilms is an Independent, Family-based Film Production Company.
We are home of the movies Hamtragic, The Impatient Exorcist, Just In Passing, After the Blood Rush, and are currently producing The Amazing Cynical Man and The Black Stone Mystery. We love doing Family, Comedy, and other unusual films here in Hamtramck, Michigan.
Promotional copies of all of our films are available at no charge to distributors and film reviewers. Please send us your contact information and tell us why you would like a promotional copy.
Trades are considered. If you do movies, comics, zines or anything creative, please contact us for trade considerations.
nofunfilms@yahoo.com • www.nofunfilms.com


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