Monday, September 14, 2009

Open CAST Auditions - Winter Harvest

Director: Jason Ahlquist

Executive Producer: Diane Frkan

Written by: Jason Ahlquist & Karin Lowachee

Shooting Tentative November 2009

We are a NON SAG Production looking for non-paid volunteer actors.

***Low Budget with goal of a Distribution contract and festival/convention screenings***

Credit only for Cast and compensation of Food & Lodging available.

Are you an Actor or Actress that would like to read for one of the roles? Then come to our open audition Friday, September 18th from

10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The audition will be held in the

G1NBC Studio Center at the Russell Bazaar Center in Detroit.


To read for a role, please download the side for that role and print it out. Bring the side with you (memorize it if you like) along with a resume and a head shot if you have them. When you arrive at the audition, you will be given a number. There will be a Winter Harvest casting assistant who will call your number out when it is your turn to read. Auditions will be taped and you will be required to sign a release to that effect.

If you can't show up for the audition, but have an ONLINE Demo Reel, you can e-mail the link to that reel to

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You will need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will only consider DEMO REELS sent by SEPTEMBER 25th if you also did not audition in person.


From I-75, take exit-54 E. Grand River / Clay Ave
Turn onto Clay Ave heading East toward the Russell Industrial Center
Make a right into the complex and follow the signs through to the Russell Bazaar

G1NBC Studio Center/

@ The Russell Bazaar

1600 Clay St.

Detroit, MI


Andy Titus: 36-40 - Male. Can be Caucasian or African American Lean build that can alternately appear clumsy or heroic. Andy has always had a self esteem problem. He reacts poorly to criticism. Recent events has caused him to slide out of touch with reality.

Tammy Titus: 30's - Female. Caucasian. Married to Andy. Was once super beautiful - and still is in many ways - but now she has worn a bit around the edges. She is currently militantly religious. She's convinced that the rapture will start at any moment. Behind all of the bible thumping intensity is a terrible burden of loss and regret. She is desperate for someone to blame for her troubles on.

Iago: 30-37 - Male. Caucasian. Tall, muscular with some kind of striking facial feature to break the leading male look. Andy's best friendemy. Iago is torn between loyalty to Andy and enriching his own life. Initially, Iago has lots of swagger, but is a self-serving survivor underneath. Not exactly cowardly, but always doing the cost / benefit calculation to anything he does. Events in the movie transform him away from this to a certain extent.

Dion: 24-40 - Male. Any ethnicity. An Army deserter, Dion is the self-made bandit king of the community.

The Scientist: age unknown about 45-50ish?. Male. Any ethnicity. A tall, mysterious scientist who has dark, extreme plans for humanity. A larger-than-life role.

Marty: 18 - Male. The spitting image of Andy. This is Andy's lost son who went to find food to save his little brother from starvation. During an attempted robbery of a military convoy he was shot. Captain Ian, who was heading up the convoy saw his young age and put him aboard the truck for medical attention. He was in a coma all the way to Montana. When he awoke, he assumed that his brother was already dead by now. Ian gave him a job cleaning up the base where he saw a number of curious things.

Gertrude: Early 20's - Female. Any ethnicity. Both beautiful and frightening, Gertrude is this story's Whore of Babylon. She finds purpose in the shadow of violent men and revels in violence herself. Her archetype has been portrayed before as Mrs. Lovett from Sweeny Todd, Mallory Knox from Natural Born Killers or Baby Firefly from House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects.

Claudius: 45-50 - Male. Caucasion. Tall, imposing with a satanic sort of magnetism. Claudius is somewhere between Anton LeVey and Charles Manson. He is posing as an incarnation of some kind of dark god come to bring about an apocalyptic prophesy. But beneath it all he is just a con man using guile and charisma to keep himself fed and get sex from impressionable goth girls who are desperate for any kind of hope in this cold. apparently dying world.

Salam: 50-60 - Male. any Middle Eastern or Southern Asian ethnicity. A tired old man. Salam and Ariel are the only ones who seem to see the worlds conditions as passing and not final. Salam is a moderate Muslim who is not showy of his faith (at least not in the Winter Harvest subdivision). He prefers order to chaos and is dismayed not so much at the state of the world, but at the growing rashness of the people in it. Salam is not faring well in the extended cold. His age and poor diet are taking their toll. He probably has a limp and a bad cough. The actor should feel free to improvise on this. The point is that the younger Ariel has been more of a care-taker than a wife to him in recent years.

Ariel: 36 - 40 - Female. Any ethnicity. Physical appearance very flexible. Cast someone to go with Salam. Despite having no children with Salam, Ariel is a mother at heart. Unlike her husband, she has more patience with people's shortcomings. She is also a Muslim. As Salam's health has declined, she's been working harder at keeping the both of them fed and safe.

Lt. Octavia: 30 - 40 - Female. Any ethnicity. A professional military driven, by the books, woman with moral concerns about The Scientist's mission.

Other non-extra roles:

Lab Soldiers 1 and 2

Marcus (a shifty neighbor)

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