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Holland, MI
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Sep 12, 2009

The Tulipanes Latino Art & Film Festival a 501c(3) nonprofit organization which hosts a free, citywide annual festival celebrating Latino culture through music, art and film. Celebrating the historic Latino contribution to the economic prosperity of the West Michigan region and beyond Increasing awareness of Latino success stories by challenging negative stereotypes Providing an international format for artistic expressions, and specifically films that affirm the Latino family experience, in an educational and entertainment setting. Tulipanes was founded as a grassroots organization in order to challenge negative stereotypes of Latinos on a local and national level. We strive to promote a positive image of Latino youth, families, senior citizens, and professionals. This goal is achieved through highlighting success stories in a fun, educational setting. We also show interesting documentaries, and host panels dealing with cultural issues. Tulipanes does not presently charge for the majority of its events, so that no one is economically prevented from attending. Tulipanes greatly benefits our region by fostering civic pride and attracting many visitors each year.

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